Why Tree Service in Wilmington NC is in High Demand

Sometimes it can seem as if it is impossible to hire a professional tree service! You ring around from company to company, often just getting answer machine messages. You go online and websites are advising waiting times stretching into the weeks.

Just what the heck is going on?

Storm Damage

If you’ve recently had storm conditions in your city or area then this will definitely be contributing to the difficulties you are facing. In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy for example, one professional tree company based in Florida reported handling over 200 calls for assistance per day.

Another company in the beautiful North Carolina had their staff working 12-hour shifts – and they still had a backlog of work that stretched for weeks.

After a storm is far and away the busiest time of year for these types of companies as they help with the cleanup operation. All good companies will prioritize the work of course, making getting roads open and removing fallen trees that have come down directly onto property a number one priority.

Storm Related

It’s not just the clean up operations that can take a lot of time however! Just as with any other company or service, post storm conditions can take a serious toll on how the tree company can operate.

For example, their employees may struggle to get to work – ironically enough, probably because the roads are blocked with, you guessed it, fallen trees!

They can also struggle to get gas or supplies that are important to their business. After all, the tree companies don’t have a hidden surplus of gas they can fall back on to fuel their trucks – if your local gas station is running low for you its running low for them too.

Here’s an example of real storm damage:


Finally, the wait times from these companies can seem longer than they used to be because more people are using their services.

I’ve got an old friend who owns a tree service Wilmington NC based of course who says the following “Yards are becoming more and more of a designed element of a home. Homeowners are waking up to the fact that trees are not just things that grow in a yard. Rather, they can be the cornerstone of a beautiful yard. People want – and are willing to pay for – professionals who can design and maintain beautiful trees.” And I totally agree, don’t you? Especially when it comes to being popular.

They are also realizing that regular care from a professional can lead to trees with longer life spans, healthier growth and which are less likely to fall in storms.

No matter how long the wait time may be, it is always advisable to wait until you can hire the services of a fully licensed and insured company. The best tree companies are busy for a reason – they are good at what they do and lots of people want to hire them.

The people who can get to you at short notice in a busy stretch however they deserve to be looked at again – and a third time! They may be amateurs looking to make a quick buck, or professional companies taking advantage of a temporary boom and taking on more work then they can handle safely.

Either way, when it comes to dealing with tree services, patience is a virtue!…

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Is Rain Good For Tree Removal

We have all heard the statement, typically heard at weddings “Rain, it is good luck, you know.” It always makes me wonder where it came from. I suppose it depends on what side of the raindrop you are on. I have heard many stories about this so-called superstition. It rained on my wedding day. I can remember sitting at the church on the morning of my wedding day and staring out the window at the rain soaked streets. I wondered if it was going to stop at all. It eventually did, but the thought crossed my mind that the day could become a washout. Thankfully, we had an indoor wedding planned. Other brides who have found themselves in this situation, don’t always fair as well as I did.


Many people have beliefs about the superstition of rain on a wedding day that I feel are just ways to calm an eager, often frantic, bride down on her wedding day. After all, who wants the day to be treacherous for their guests to travel in? One of the most common superstitions I have heard of revolves around fertility. They say if it rains on your wedding day, you will bear many children.

Well, I am Catholic. So, I’m sure that was a welcomed sight for many family members on both sides of our families, especially Frankie who is a bit rough around the edges. He’s gotten progressively more grumpy since starting a Little Rock tree service company over 10 years ago. He is also very well known in town for his tree removal work. Anyways… Another superstition is that the rain is supposed to be sort of like a “baptism,” of sorts. After all, when we are baptized, we are usually wearing white garments of some sort. A wedding dress is usually white, as well. Hmm. Makes sense, right? Basically, when it rains, they say you are starting your marriage with a clean slate. You are leaving life as “individuals” and becoming ONE person. That is probably one of the neatest superstitions I have heard about rain. And one of the most common superstitions is that the rain represents tears. Symbolically, it says that the rain signifies that they will be the LAST tears a bride will endure as she now starts anew, in her new life, with her spouse. Awww…


Well, okay, enough about weddings. How about the other side of the coin, here? In its most literal sense, rain probably does not feel too lucky for folks who live in certain parts of California right now, does it? Rain is probably something they DO NOT want and are eagerly praying it away. Who can blame them? If a levee breaks, lives will be at risk, the entire situation will get very scary for a lot of people, and many people will risk becoming homeless. On the other hand, rain in areas that are experiencing a deficit might wish for the amounts of rain others are getting. If ONLY we could “move” rainclouds. Rain can be a wonderful thing, in moderation. Farmers may wish for an equal balance of rain that is not too drenching, but does not leave the ground so dry that it hurts crops. When you live on a farm and your crops are a livelihood, rain can make or break your bank for a long time.…

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What to Expect from a Professional Tree Service

If you have called in an expert tree service to assist you in taking care of your trees, then there are certain things that you can expect to happen.


An arborist, sometimes referred to as a tree surgeon, is a highly skilled individual that you are hiring to perform a service. Therefore, just as if you are hiring any other service provider – whether a plumber to fix your toilet or a mechanic to work on your car – it is extremely important to understand the services that they will provide.

There is thankfully a wealth of guides available online that explain not only the services an arborist can perform for you, but also can even explain some of the terminology of tree care – so it is well worth checking out an online guide before your appointment with the tree service company.

Dan Robertson, the man behind Tree Service & Removal of Alexandria, a company that specializes in various tree work in the state of Virginia advises that when you, as a homeowner, need quality tree work done, there’s one of 2 ways you can go about it. You can either hire an arborist or go with a regular tree service. My recommendation is always to consult with a specialist for all larger and potentially dangerous projects and go the less expensive route for all simple work like like bushes and small trees. Read more about Dan at https://www.robertsontreeservice.com and give him a special thanks for the tip.


The first step of engaging the services of a professional tree service will be a site visit – preferably from the arborist themselves. Depending on the type and size of the company you employ however, this may not always be he case. A small, locally based tree service may well very be just a one person company – therefore the arborist themselves will almost certainly be the person you meet first. A larger company may send an evaluator to you first however, to assess the job before the commit the time of their arbor care pro.

Either way, the representative of the company should take time to listen to why you request their services, and they should also take the time to explain how they intend to meet your needs.

If for example you have called in a professional tree service to provide a general pruning, trimming and upkeep service, they should explain how they will perform this – and check with you how much they intend to trim of the tree crown. Rather like with a haircut, you need to clearly explain how much you want taking off before they set to work!

If on the other hand you have called in a company because you are concerned about your trees, again take the time to explain exactly what your concerns are. Whether you have noticed any of the symptoms of diseases or tree rot, or if your tree has been damaged by weather extremes like drought or high winds a good arborist will be able to explain how the damage occurred and, more importantly, the long term prognosis for the tree.


A tree service, after their assessment of the damage or disease will advise if saving the tree is economical  – or even a possibility.

If they feel it is, they will explain to you how the tree can be saved. Whether this is by thorough pruning and trimming of damaged areas or by attempting to cure the disease. They should give you a comprehensive pricing for these attempts, along with the chances of success  – and if you may incur further costs at a later date.


The opposite end of this is that the tree service feel it is not possible to save the tree. In this instance they will advise if it is likely to become a hazard, and offer their advice of how the tree may be felled and removed. Again, this should include a comprehensive estimate of price.

A good tree service company will always take the time to explain what they are doing – and why they propose to do it. Don’t be afraid to ask questions however, and always bear in mind that they are providing you with a service.…

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