Three Methods of Tree Removal

If you are looking to hire a professional to cut down and take away a tree or trees in your yard, then you may wonder how exactly they are going to do it.

Well, depending on the space available, there are generally three methods that they will employ:


The traditional, time honored way to get your tree down to the ground! This is off course the method whereby your tree professional will simply chainsaw through the trunk of the tree, bringing it crashing down to the ground.

According to Mark, who’s a certified arborist at Tree Service & Removal of Houston you have to use multiple form of equipment to ensure a controlled fall, like for example specific ropes!

Of course, it goes without saying that it’s a little more complex than that! For one thing, the arborist will in fact be able to bring the tree down in a much more controlled fashion than you may assume. This is a bit advantage when trees must come down close to property.

For this method to work, your tree really needs to be set in a reasonable amount of space to allow for the tree to come down without causing any damage. It is also of course going to inevitably cause some damage when it lands, so this method is not suited for trees that are going to have to come down onto things like lawns – unless you want a big tree sized hole knocked into it!\


If you do want to protect your lawn, or your tree is in an area that can’t be accessed by a crane (see below) or there is simply not room for the tree to simply fall to the ground safely (see above) then the middle ground option is a Manual Removal.

This is where the tree company gets to show off a little, because with this method they will be rigging harnesses and clambering up into your tree. Oh – and they will be taking their chainsaws with them.

So again, depending on the how protected the area around the tree is, the tree climbers will either let the pieces of the tree fall to the ground as they cut them, or they will rig additional harnesses and lower the pieces to the ground to be removed for disposal.

The downside to this method then is that, depending on the size of the tree being cut down, it can take quite a bit of time – especially if the pieces are to be lowered carefully to the ground.

The plus side is that because it is quite a slow and controlled process, this is far and away the safest way to bring down a tree without causing damage to the immediate area.

So if you want to cut down a tree that is growing in an ornamental garden, for instance, you should certainly consider this method.


Finally, the crane offers a great method to remove trees relatively quickly and efficiently. It’s quite similar to the manual method, except that the arborist can be brought up to working height via manual means, rather than with a rig and harness, saving time.

It’s also possible to rig the tree branches to crane itself, allowing them to be safely lowered to the ground.

The downside of this method though is that it does require good access to the working area to allow the crane to get in close. Also, the crane can damage lawns and even paving simply by it’s sheer weight.…

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